Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now it is good evening!!  Thank God it is 5 o'clock somewhere so I can soothe the nerves with a glass of wine while I attempt to figure this out!!!!!!

Here is a tricycle that I picked up roadside (no dollar shopping!!), brought home and painted with Rustoleum's brightest red I could find.  We just recently had a yard sale and everyone wanted it, I had to put a tag on it "not for sale"!!  I am going to try to join Wow us Wednesday - this seems to be the hardest party for me to join - I'm hoping to one day figure it out in less than 5 hours!  I should be doing something more creative in that time!!!!!  If anyone has any tips - I'd sure appreciate them!

My favorite "lawn ornament!!"

We'll see if I was able to link up -- If I wasn't - you should still go to Savvy Southern Style to see all the creativity out there!!

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Until next nervous break down!!!!!!!