Thursday, September 26, 2013

diy chalk paint iron bed

Hello out there in blog land!  Yesterday I mixed my own batch of chalk paint and painted my bed!!  When I had originally purchased the bed it was bight white and on an whim I decided to try to tone it down with AS dark wax.   I was satisfied with it for a couple of years but after I painted the table behind my sofa (the picture is on the side bar) a created shade of robins egg blue, I thought my bed would look so cool that color.  So....yesterday was the day!  

original white w/  AS dark wax

here are pictures of the new batch of robins egg blue I mixed


here are pictures after the Annie Sloan dark wax has been applied - I realize these are not the best pictures and that is a total faux pau in blog land, but I only have my kindle HD to use and it's a crap shoot on what the pictures will look like.  That is on the list for fixing!!

Here is what it looks like  finished and with my Chaps bedding I got from Tuesday Mornings around the same time I got the new bed.  

Now, this room (our bedroom) and our living room are in limbo and as soon as both rooms are complete I will be more than happy to share!  I was just so excited with the new color and how it looks against the bedding, I just had to share early!!

I started out with that oops paint I got from Home Depot for about $0.50   and mixed plaster of paris, water, yellow and white paint - I kept adding the yellow to brighten the color - not white, that only dulls it out.  It was a hit or miss, and I missed the first time - so I kept adding yellow.  

Well, that is all for now, thanks to all who popped in!!  Until next time......Trisha

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello everyone and what a beautiful day it is in the Philadelphia area! I love September and the cool change in the air!  Below is are some pictures of my very first reupholstering project.  It was not as easy as I had thought it would be (but what ever is?).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello!  Yesterday was my 49th birthday......W O W !!  I keep asking myself where does the time go?  My Aunt Louise always said "the days drag on but the weeks fly by!"   She has been saying that since I started having kids and marveling at how every year I seemed to have another baby and how fast life seemed to be going by.   After I finally got out of the diaper phase, I began decorative painting for pocket change - Below is a picture of a metal lawn chair a lady brought me and wanted me to jazz it up.  I had already painted a few chairs and what not for her.  This was a matching set -  

It is all free hand - my favorite kind of painting - She later dropped another off and it is still here - I'll have to do something with that one soon, my husband almost put it out in bulk pickup a few weeks back - I grabbed it and said, N O O O O !  I'm going to paint that!  He just looked at me like "yeah right, its only been sitting back here for 5 plus years!    Some day!    I need a place to sell this stuff after I recreate it.  I used to have a few places locally - One closed, the other switched to mostly jewels and such.  I'll keep looking and in the meantime will continue to collect/redo!    

Until next time.................Trisha

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good Morning one and all!  Today is our 24th wedding anniversary!!  My wonderful husband is upstairs preparing a delicious brunch!!  We are having creme burlee french toast!!  He prepared it yesterday and it has to soak overnight and now it is in the oven.  He also made scrapple, bacon and champagne coolies (if you are a Seinfeld fan you will know what these are!!)  He is so sweet!  So I am able to sit here and blog while he and the kids (and Lukas our German excange student) prepare for the feast!!

Beings that summer is at a close, I thought I would show this galanized tub I painted for a girl who just bought a home at the shore and wanted a place to hold the beer and wine during parties - this, with the inspiration of Ros Stallcup, is what I came up with.  I also painted it on a watering can.  

Sorry for the small picture - it is another scanned one - I'm slowly getting it!  I now know how to make it fit the whole thumbnail when I join a party!!  Blogging is a challenge, but I enjoy it and feel so proud when I accomplish something!!  
I hope this puts you all back in the beachy frame of mind - I personally don't like the summer but I enjoy looking/being at the beach.

Best wishes for a fabulous day - Until next time.........Trisha

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone!  
Below  is a room in the works........When we first moved in about 20 years agowe painted this room mauve  and had blue country sofa/love seat, dark cherry tables and such and an heirloom chair that I had reupholstered to match the sofa and love seat and the natural lighting was good.   Now, 20 years later, we have had a porch installed when we put on our addition so the natural light in the living room is 
H O R R I B L E !!  I have painted this room at least 4 x's in the past ten years and am planning on doing it again real soon.  Anyway, a few years ago I got rid of the sofa/loveseat and replaced it with a sofa that I had always wanted and saw it at a garage sale for $100.....It did not really go with my constantaly transforming room and one day I had enough and decided to start looking for two loveseats to replace the sofa so we could utilize the space better - well, I did not get what I had wanted and saw this sectional and it was so comfortable and the color will hide "stuff"  - I needed a sofa table to hide the section where they meet - so I saw this.  This was originally a piece that sat on the altar in front of the priests at Mass.  It was stained dark oak -  I mixed my own version of chalk paint with an "oops" jar I had picked up at home depot for $.50 - I mixed it with paster of paris and water - I liked the consistency of the paint - it felt like ASCP - but for a fraction of the cost!  I haven't waxed it yet cause I'm still iffy.


I really like the cutouts on the sides - the other side that you cannot see has shelves where the Mass books went.

Well, that's all for now - time to pick up the soccer players ----Until next time...Trisha

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Day ? of the painted chairs!!

Good afternoon one and all.............another beautiful day  with cool air and blue skies, love it!!  I actually need a sweatshirt and have my clogs on!!  Yay!  Now this is my kind of weather.

The weekend is here and everyone will be home  :) or :(  not sure which yet!!  I have to say, I like my own company, hahahaha!  I was able to go a few steps further in "reupholstering" a chair I had picked up and thought, wow $15!, now I can practice upholstering - let's just say, Thank GOD I did not pay a whole lot for the fabric or trim.   I am using a regular wood stapler and tack hammer - it isn't as easy as I thought!  I'll show pictures (decent ones this time) of the progression in an upcoming post.  Now on to the chairs of the past:  {Sorry, another scanned pictue  :(   }

A while back when crafts and beanie babies were all the rage, the owner of the Speckled Hen, a local shop in my town, gave me this chair.   I was in the groove of painting chairs - I couldn't pick them off the curbs fast enough!  So I tried this design and was pretty pleased beings I hadn't really done such "wild" colors yet - it was still the mauve and blue days!!    Now, these colors are in!  hahahaha!  I wonder who bought it and if they still have it......hmmmmmmmm

Well, off to pick up our exchange student from soccer~ Until next time, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and the weather stays beautiful.   


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello out there - I am sitting here waiting for the repairman for our 2 year old GE refrig - our last one was from Sears scratch and dent store and it lasted 22 years with NO REPAIRS!!  We spent 3x the amount on this one and it already has issues - the same thing happened to our washer - We had our Magtag for 20 years without any problems (the commercial is so true!) - then one day it just stopped.  :(   We bought a GE for a ton of money - it lasted 3 years - the belt broke and it would have cost us more to repair it then to purchase another (????)  we purchased a new one.  We have been using our new beltless GE profile - so far so good.  Why you ask do we keep buying GE?   Good question!   The frig guy is going to charge $99 just for coming out - parts and labor are extra........

Well, onto a new subject....our 3rd child turned 21 today - CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!  I keep asking, where has the time gone?   I only feel like 29!  I'll be 49 in a couple of days!!  While I was in my mid forties, I was doing a whole lot of decorative painting - I only have old pictures that I have scanned to the computer - so the size of them is quite small - I hope you can see them - I was doing a lot of commission work - then one day I just stopped - I think with motherhood, you have to constantly turn it on and off (creative energy).  It would take so long to turn off then 3x the amout of time to get my groove back on!   I tried oil painting for a few years and really liked that, it is very challenging.  I have decided not to go this semester because something inside me (the Hold Spirit?) is telling me to take this time off, so I am.   But instead of blogging, I should be painting something so......

beings that I have been posting about the chairs I have done, I have a few more to show.. I hope you can see it!

This same design has been painted on a number of items - compliments of Jamie Mills-Price and her decorative painting books!

Thanks for reading my rambling!!!  Until next time............Trisha
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's a  beautiful day in the suburbs of Philadelphia!!  Sun is shining, humidity is low - windows open - I got so much cleaning done today because of it!  When my house is clean and the cabinets are full I feel good - Calm, cool, and collected.   I love back to school time - I actually did food shopping and could contain my thoughts and stick to my list!  That only seems to happen from September thru June.

Well, as I was saying yesterday, since I have learned to scan the pictures from yesteryear, I will begin to show anyone who is interested some of the things I have done in the past - Looking at these makes me want to start painting this way all over again - I like the personal touch that these things have.  Since yesterday I showed the youth chair, today I will show another of the chairs that I have painted:

  • Until next time!               :)    Trisha
This was painted long before chippy was stylish - So I'm sure that the lady I painted it for is now pleased that I didn't repaint the entire piece before painting on the picture!!  The pattern for this was from a Jamie Mills-Price decorative painting book.

Sorry for the weird layout!  Still haven't figured that out.  I still find navigating my way around to be somewhat stressful - I still don't know how to post a link-back - I guess with patience and utts

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey everyone!!  Today was the first day of school for our kiddies - They are not kiddies anymore - our youngest is in 8th grade !! Where does the time go?  
Yesterday, I got a lesson in scanning photographs onto the computer - unfortunately they scan at the pictures original size - so I cannot write in the big white squares surrounding the pictures.

When I first learned how to decorative paint, I was pregnant with #4 - during nap time (when I wasn't sleeping myself) I painted -   My mom gave me this antique youth chair - it was brown - not stained brown - painted brown - I gave it an overhaul with the help of Maxine Thomas' decorative painting books and here it is - It is now 17 years old in our house and the arm is broken and nailed back together and sits in the attic awaiting our first grandchild!!  (Not in the too near future, I hope!!)

If everyone doesn't mind the quality of the pictures I will show more in upcoming posts - Until then.....

Thanks for viewing this!