Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello everyone! (I hope there is someone reading this!)  My daughter Shannon, pictured with me, has created this blog for me today!!!!!   I have been talking about doing one cause I love looking at all the ones I subscribed to via email - I thought, wow! I can do that (with the help of my kids of course!)  I have been painting a sewing for all of my married life (24yrs).  I have a photo album of a lot of the decorative painted things so what you see now on this blog is different stuff that I did for me - not to sell.   My sister once said, why don't you decorate your own house instead of everyone elses?  This was definitely a new idea - I always felt obligated to sell whatever I did, why?  I have no idea!!  So hopefully I'll be able to post some before and after pictures (with Shannon's help, of course) in the near future.   Kids going back to school in September = more time to create!!  If you have read this, thank you and God Bless!!

Jazzed Up Lamp

Revived Lamp

In the process of trying to redo our living room, I am on a roll to brighten things up.  We put a porch on a few years ago and the roof has cut out our light considerably.  I purchased this lamp (there are 2) at Marshall's   a few years ago, they were a mottled painted faux pewter.  I decided a few weeks ago (before blogging) to paint the lamps with Miss Mustard Seeds Luckett's Green.  Gave the base and finial two coats then waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax.  I decided to jazz up the lamp shade by gluing on the beaded trim - I think I might need something to balance the shade on the top, what do you think?

Mackenzie Child's inspired table

Painted Table, full view

This was originally a white table that I purchased at Walmart for $20 - after the top got stained from glasses, I decided to try my hand at a Mackenzie Child's inspired table.  

side view

top view

zoomed in, bottom view

Not bad for $20 as opposed to $250.00!

Stained Glass and Miss Mustard Seed painted bench

faux stained glass window

This is a Donna Dewberry pattern that I traced onto a piece of plexi-glass.  After tracing on the picture with faux lead, I let it dry -- it looked like a page out of a coloring book.  When drawing on the lead, be careful not to have "peaks" with the paint - it needs to be put on smooth and when completed, bring the paint back towards the line you drew.  Once the outlining is complete and dry (about 24hrs) fill in the spots where indicated on the pattern with appropriate "stained glass" paint - careful to follow directions of Donna.  Sorry I was not blogging at the time so I don't have pictures of the step by step.

Oak bench painted with MMS tricyle red.

Another trash pick - I had originally painted this off white - like the dresser to the right.  I just discovered MMS paint and decided to give it a try in red.  It did not chip automatically, it just kind of took on an alligator like look in some spots.  I painted on two coats - making sure to let it dry in between - after it was dry, I lightly sanded down the roughness of the paint as well as other places to give it a worn look - then I waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax.

Refurbished Dresser

On my way to taking someone somewhere a few years back (again new blogger/old material!) I saw this beautiful brown dresser with the veneer chipped away on the drawers, needless to say, I slammed on the breaks and with the help of the kids threw it into the van and sped away!   I just painted the whole thing with off white paint and when it came to the drawers, I needed to be creative.
side view of drawer
I covered each of the fronts with thin batting then covered each again with fabric.  To keep them from not sagging and a way to adhere them to the sides of the drawers, I modge podged them.  They turned out fab and they are the only pieces in the kitchen that haven't faded!

glass knobs
After removing the existing hardware, I attached these with the screws that came with the knobs into the existing holes.

8 plus years later and the fabric drawers still look new, its the top that needs another coat of paint.

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Thanks for popping in!  Until next time......Trisha

Kitchen furniture redo

These pieces have all be trash picked and refurbished.  The sofa and chairs were picked up a few years back and since I have only just begun blogging today, you are seeing these about 8 years later!  Sorry!!  I needed something to post!!  Tom spray painted the pieces with a very light sage green and I made the cushions/slip covers for them all with Waverly fabric I picked up just for this and other projects.  Besides fading and a house full of kids/dogs,  they have held up pretty well.