Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painted Bottles

Good afternoon everyone!!    

Only 2 more days to make that costume and buy the candy!!  My 13yr old is going out with her friends and they decided to be gansters - I said "Great!" we have a big old suit and a fedora and you could wear daddy's old wing tips!   She said mom, a GANSTA !   What a difference a generation makes!! hahahahahaha!

Well, reading through the Blogspot blip I saw the trash to treasure party and thought I would show this:

A few years back when painted bottles were all the rage, I painted my fair share!!!  I gave this one to my mom (because of course I did not save any for myself) and got it back when she passed away......God rest her soul........

Anyway, I painted this with DecoArt''s enamel paints.  Then after it dried, I "baked" the bottles in a low oven then left them to cool, only opening the oven door after it was completly cold.  This way, it is supposed to become diswasher safe.  I painted wine glasses, cake stands, martini glasses, salt and pepper shakers, vases, wine bottles (I'll show that on an upcoming post).  The list goes on and on.  Everyone got these for Christmas that year!!  I bought the cork bottle topper at Bed Bath and Beyond.  

I had more time when my kids were little!  I look back at these pictures and wonder how I managed to take care of 6 kids, bake, paint, sew, do laundry, make dinner, clean the house, pick up and drop off from nursery school, etc., etc., etc. !  

That is all for now, until next time............Trisha

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

   10 Super foods............................

Hello, hello!   Last night Tom and I were watching Veria Living (www.verialiving.com) which is a fabulous channel geared toward  healthy living.  My favorite is the Dr. Holly show - she is a Naturopath (I hope I spelled that right, spell check does not recognize it) doctor.  I have learned a lot about different herbs and spices.  I have even learned that oregano extract is a cureall for infections and what not - I made my own with the oregano we grow out back and good vodka - when we have our neighborhood schnitzel nights sometime everyone takes a sip!!!!  It isn't very appealling - looks or taste!!

just add vodka and fresh oregano to an airtight jar - let it steep for a few days/weeks....strain the vodka out of the jar - discarding the oregano - pour back into an airtight container - and bingo - done!

But on to the super foods...........................

60% cacao
Hot Peppers

To find out all the valuable properties either google or go to Veria Living -   We were glad to know we eat all the foods on the list but there is one item missing......where are the 


Well that is all for today.....hope this has inspired you to eat healthy and live a long beautiful life!!  and look forward to the Halloween candy coming in shortly!!!!! yay!!  My only problem is I only have one kid going out this year and she is aware of what is in her bag and how much  :(   !

Best wishes for a wonderful evening and thank you so much for popping in!  I sincerely appreciate it!   

                                                       Until next time........Trisha

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Dogs... :(

Remember I showed you pictures the other day of some of the decorating we do with a house full of kids and dogs?  Nothing over the top - just the same old same old pulled out year after year and perhaps arranged differently each time.  Well, here is the dog gate my husband built to keep the dogs down stairs because they had taken over our house, literally.  I had every intention of painting it but they started to chew and claw at it trying to get upstairs.  

Isn't this a cute little gate?  Yes, the wreath is a bit ascew, but never the less, we liked it.

Well, when I got home yesterday after being out a few hours, the dogs were in the living room - just so happy to see me.  Hmmmmm, how did they get past the gate?  I put a rubberband on the latch so they could not claw and push it open, hmmmmmmmmmm.     O.M.Gosh!!!!! (and not in a good way) 

Let sleeping dogs lie
Meet Shadow, our SPCA mut -- 
What have they done?

 Meet Droopydog, aww isn't he cute sleeping?  

Well, I know we have a lot of dog lovers out there in the world, but I am not one of them.  I understand I am offending people by saying that, but, I like P E O P L E   A N D   B A B I E S!!!!!!   Why, then do you ask, did we get not only one but two dogs?   Well, Mark, my 3rd son, 8 years ago said he wanted a dog.  I said "No Way" I have enough to do with six kids, I am not getting a dog.  He pouted for a few weeks, months, etc.   So January comes and I (not Tom) had the idea to get a dog......Tom, let's go to the SPCA and see if they have any dogs/puppies - I feel so bad for Mark.....OK, he says but we are not making any rash decisions,    OH, I know, I tell him.     We came home with a puppy and named him Shadow  (Mark said, Oh, I don't want one anymore!).    I wanted to blow both my brains and Shadows' out for the first two years.  Because everyone who wanted the dog was at school....sound familiar?

Then Patrick gets a job at a pet store and poor little Droopydog was 5 months old and no one wanted to buy him cause he was getting too big......Mom, Patrick says, "Come to We love Pets, you have to see this cute dog.......Oh Patchie, he is sooo cute!  Look how his ears swim in the waterbowl!  And they drag on the ground, they are so big!!!!  He says, Mom, Mike (the owner) will make me a really good deal, can I get him?   I will take care of him, pay for everything, please?   Another weak moment.........Awwww he is cute,  ..........  ok - but remember you made a deal - you are going to take care of him cause I am too busy.   Sure thing Mom!!!!    Patrick is off at WCU and Droopydog isn't allowed in the house he is renting........who didn't know that?!

I'll take kids over dogs anyday.  I guess that is why we took in Lukas, our German exchange student - he doesn't shed, smell, chew things and destroy our house.   Too bad he cannot take them home with him in February.

Thanks for letting me share and for popping in to hear the latest and greatest!!   Best wishes for a fabulous weekend!!

Until next time.............Trisha

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall-in around here!

Haaaayyyyyy!!!    Today is really fall like around here - the sky is overcast and the air has a chill - I like it - I like the sun better mind you, but atleast it isn't raining!!  Life at 278 is status quo and I for one am thrilled!  With a house full of kids, dogs and drop-ins - that is a feat!!  After looking at my emails I have decided to snap a few pictures of a few fall/halloween decorations that we have around here - there is more, but, our home is just that, a home, so by the time I get the place in a picture perfect magazine like state, everyone will come marching through the door and it will have been all for naught!  So, like me, take it or leave it as they say!!  Because, afterall, this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!  Regardless what state of confussion you may be in!  Hahahahaha!!

Welcome to the Flaherty's!!  

We were looking for a dog gate that we could go through without breaking our necks on the way to the downstairs, to no avail, so Tom built this!!  I was going to blog separately about it but the dogs chewed  two posts/spindles on the other side...........so for the season I placed a wreath I bought a Walmart last year on it and taadaa!  Instant Sanford and Son!!!!   But, we like it!

And here we have the first halloween bags my boys owned!  My neighbors' mom made these for the boys, now 23, 22, and 21!!! and she has since gone on to glory - but the bags are still part of our halloween tradition.
The curtain and shade I made a couple of years ago - the shade is just a regular shade that I put doublesided industrial tape on (about 4" wide strips) all the way across the layed the fabric on top and hoped for the best!  They are kind of crinkely, but that adds to the charm.

and last but not least, the scarecrows!  I also have in the backround the pumpkin patch the kids made in nursery school - Droopy, our basset hound, ate a couple of them  :(  
I would do a close up of that but I cannot stand that wall - as I said before, it is in limbo.......

Well, I have been on the computer far to long today and must do something productive!  Laundry, ironing, thrifting, perhaps?   The first two don't sound fun!

Until next time...........Trisha
thanks so much for popping in, I sincerely appreciate it!!   :)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bittersweet Farms visit

Hello out there in computer land!  Last week I started to tell you about the excursion my friend, Denise, and I took.  I had mentioned the mosaic wall at Sweet Mabel's and the unique shop of Bunny Hare's.  Well today I am going to tell you about our last stop.....Bittersweet Farm.  Both stores had something special to offer and Bittersweet was no exception.....


here the Christmas tree is decked out for fall!  loved that!

When I saw this setup I wished I could do that at my house.    I asked Jane if I could take pictures and blog about her store, since  I cannot have the real deal at my house!  

This is the living room

This is in the dining room - the table setting was also very inspiring - Denise took I picture of it, I don't know why I didn't.

this beautiful breakfront is filled with brown transfer ware

The really cool thing about Bittersweet Farm is the fact that it is an old house transformed room by room into a store - I did not take pictures of the upstairs rooms - you'll just have to check it out yourself!  She sells furniture as well as all of  what you see.  My favorite thing in this place is the kitchen chandelier, which the picture did not do it justice so I deleted it.  The chandelier is made from a teapot and teacups - I    L O V E   IT!!!   The whole place makes you drool so bring plenty of tissues!!

Well, I stopped to write a quick post, must get back to cleaning my house, although in 3 hours, you would never know I did it!!!!!  (School is out)    Thanks for popping in and taking a peek at my post, I really appreciate it, and I sure Jane does too!   I'd love it you would follow me and I'll follow you back!!

                                                             Until next time...Trisha

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet Mabel's mosaic wall

Hello Hello!  Here is part two of Wednesday's runaround with my good friend Denise.  We started off looking for an artsy shop in Narberth called Sweet Mabel's - we both really liked the store but this is what really caught our eye and really inspired us!  So much so that Denise wants me to mosaic her back splash!!

Aren't these soooooooo cool?  I love them!  The art of mosaic is one which I have never done but is definitely on my bucket list (especially if Denise is game!!)  I just think it is so beautiful!  I am also one who really enjoys looking at well done graffiti!!  Some of those people are really talented!

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed seeing them in person!  If you ever are in the Narberth area, you should definitely check it out.

Thank you for popping in!   I am so happy that you would!  Until next time............Trisha

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bunny Hare's

Haaayyyy!  Yesterday I went scoping stores to sell my "wares".  No such luck but I was with a good friend and we keep talking about one day opening our own store, a sort of trash to treasure place mixed with all sorts of junk and artsy stuff - someday!   But we did hit a few really great places, the first is where I used to sell my "stuff" and she would purchase outright!!  No consigning - just $$!!!   Unfortunately, she grew with the times and since "crafting" isn't really in anymore, Anne Maries' store is still absolutely beautiful but more jewels and whatnot.  Her place is called Bunny Hares, located in Newtown Square, PA - below are some pictures of the things that I like, jewels are not my thing but this stuff is!
this is the back room where I first discovered Anne Marie's talent - she was just renting space at the time

then she bought the place

I am always drawn to these hand blown glass balls - You definitely need a lot to make a statement

everyone has the animal heads hanging in their homes, I personally like the whole body!

 And here is a halloween display - Anne Marie has a knack for unique things - you can find stuff in all price ranges - its the perfect place for any type of gift giving - Wow!  She isn't even paying me to say this!!  She is just a friendly, honest business owner whom I admire and I wanted to show off her place and hope that if you are in the area you will stop in at Bunny Hare's!

In the next few posts I will show a few other places we hit along our travels.

Until next time.............thank you so much for popping in, Lord knows I truly appreciate it!!


I realize I am not a good photographer, in fact, I don't even stink yet!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Living Room slowly getting out of limbo!

Hello!  Yesterday I promised myself I would not leave the house until I finished the living room curtains and I did it!!!!   I am not a professional sewer by any stretch, but I do seem to think I am!!!!!   I wanted something very simple to brighten up the living room and I thought adding the pom poms would give it the finishing touch - I have to say, I am pleased with the color choice and the results!  

 Here is the chair I reupholstered and I think it looks great with the new curtains and yellow walls.

I used clip rings this time as apposed to the usual curtain rod pocket, it was much easier and gave me the ability to close the curtains in a snap.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I glued the trim on with Aleene's
                                                                                                              Fabric Fusion, it works great!

I got my fabric at JoAnn Fabrics while it was 50% off and used the coupon for the trim.  I got the drapery clip rings at Marburns discount curtain store - instead of paying $10, I got them for $6!!   I needed 4 packs - so it can get pricey.

This room is   s l o w l y  transforming!  Key word being   S L O W L Y!!!!  We are getting a price tomorrow for cabinets for either side of the fireplace brick wall - can't really used stock cabinets cause they are different sizes and beings that we are happy hands at home, Lord only knows what it will look like!!    I will keep you abreast of the transformation!!

Thanks for popping in, I really appreciate you taking the time!

                                    Until next time....................Trisha

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