Monday, August 5, 2013

Mackenzie Child's INSPIRED 8' runner

Hello!  Again, being a new blogger, I am showing past projects.  Below is a floor runner I painted using vinyl flooring, compressed  foam, acrylic paints, and Jo Sonya's matte varnish polyurethane acrylic sealer.  I have painted numerous floor mats over the years and have pictures in my real life photo album, not on the computer.  

This used to lay in front of my kitchen sink until I started yoga and needed a mat!!  Because of the vinyl flooring attached to a compressed foam that my husband brought home from the scraps at work, it is firm yet soft - perfect for yoga!  So I have since purchased a indoor outdoor rug for in front of the sink.   The beauty of using Jo Sonya's polyurethane acrylic sealer versus all the others I have does not crack when rolled, bent, etc.  It wipes clean with soap and water, I don't recommend harsh cleaners, it will however come off when the vacuum cleaner goes over it....found out the hard way!!  :(    

Again, pennies versus $$$$$  !

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful day, it feels like September in the Philadelphia area.

thanks for stopping over!!  Until next time,