Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painted Bottles

Good afternoon everyone!!    

Only 2 more days to make that costume and buy the candy!!  My 13yr old is going out with her friends and they decided to be gansters - I said "Great!" we have a big old suit and a fedora and you could wear daddy's old wing tips!   She said mom, a GANSTA !   What a difference a generation makes!! hahahahahaha!

Well, reading through the Blogspot blip I saw the trash to treasure party and thought I would show this:

A few years back when painted bottles were all the rage, I painted my fair share!!!  I gave this one to my mom (because of course I did not save any for myself) and got it back when she passed away......God rest her soul........

Anyway, I painted this with DecoArt''s enamel paints.  Then after it dried, I "baked" the bottles in a low oven then left them to cool, only opening the oven door after it was completly cold.  This way, it is supposed to become diswasher safe.  I painted wine glasses, cake stands, martini glasses, salt and pepper shakers, vases, wine bottles (I'll show that on an upcoming post).  The list goes on and on.  Everyone got these for Christmas that year!!  I bought the cork bottle topper at Bed Bath and Beyond.  

I had more time when my kids were little!  I look back at these pictures and wonder how I managed to take care of 6 kids, bake, paint, sew, do laundry, make dinner, clean the house, pick up and drop off from nursery school, etc., etc., etc. !  

That is all for now, until next time............Trisha

Thanks so much for popping in!!!!! I really appreciate it!  I'll be joining the following parties:

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