Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Valentine Ideas

Hello one and all.  This is my first post of 2014 - I have been debating on whether to close up shop or what.  I still don't get the whole blog thing - it just feels like a show and tell for grown ups in the new age!!  So I guess that is what I will do..... Here is my show and tell for Valentine's day.  These ideas are tried and true and I have been doing this same thing for umpteen years now.  So when you look at these pictures just remember that I am a busy mother of 6 with two dogs and a German exchange student (who is leaving Super Bowl Sunday).  I do enjoy decorating and playing Martha Stewart - but, life always gets in the way- so  I just get it up (less and less each time) and take it down.  I did decorate my blog for Valentines day, gotta love PicMonkey!!

This is a straw wreath that I covered with white paper twist (those of you my age may remember it from the 90's) that I untwisted and wrapped around the wreath to cover the straw.  Then I used red paper twist and went around - and that was that - then as the years went by and the red faded to pink I came up with the idea to leave well enough alone but add the heart garland from the dollar store - funny - 20 years later and it still costs a dollar!!  Now I just hang it up, as is, every year.

Above is the view from the outside of Lukas' window - My flower boxes have been transformed from Christmas (which I was too busy to post about and take pictures) into Valentines! 

 I simply taped these hearts I cut out of foam onto straws.  I found that they were difficult to install into the frozen window baskets so I used wooden skewers and pushed them in then slipped the straw over that.  I usually decorate through out the "flowers"  with dollar store heart garland but couldn' find it in my house so I just used the white mesh ribbon that was already in place from the Christmas set up.  I also kept the greenery --  I may just put fake geraniums in come spring cause the baskets are so shallow that the soil drys fast and our flowers never make it til July 4!  Boo Hoo -- I dislike when I see other people putting silk flowers in the ground or buckets/baskets -- But, my thumbs are black :( 
so don't judge me like I judge them, ok? hahahaha!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little intro to Valentines, I will be showing my mantle (maybe!) if the mood hits me to decorate it -  

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods - 

                      Until next time.....................Trisha

thanks for popping in!!!!!!
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