Thursday, September 26, 2013

diy chalk paint iron bed

Hello out there in blog land!  Yesterday I mixed my own batch of chalk paint and painted my bed!!  When I had originally purchased the bed it was bight white and on an whim I decided to try to tone it down with AS dark wax.   I was satisfied with it for a couple of years but after I painted the table behind my sofa (the picture is on the side bar) a created shade of robins egg blue, I thought my bed would look so cool that color.  So....yesterday was the day!  

original white w/  AS dark wax

here are pictures of the new batch of robins egg blue I mixed


here are pictures after the Annie Sloan dark wax has been applied - I realize these are not the best pictures and that is a total faux pau in blog land, but I only have my kindle HD to use and it's a crap shoot on what the pictures will look like.  That is on the list for fixing!!

Here is what it looks like  finished and with my Chaps bedding I got from Tuesday Mornings around the same time I got the new bed.  

Now, this room (our bedroom) and our living room are in limbo and as soon as both rooms are complete I will be more than happy to share!  I was just so excited with the new color and how it looks against the bedding, I just had to share early!!

I started out with that oops paint I got from Home Depot for about $0.50   and mixed plaster of paris, water, yellow and white paint - I kept adding the yellow to brighten the color - not white, that only dulls it out.  It was a hit or miss, and I missed the first time - so I kept adding yellow.  

Well, that is all for now, thanks to all who popped in!!  Until next time......Trisha

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