Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burlap Pillows Galore!!

Hello all!   It is Thanksgiving Eve!!  I have about 16 or so days left until the craft fair - I have finally finished all the burlap pillows I will be making and here they are
Above are the finished products -- I give thanks to the fairy's at ( , for without their beautiful graphics and easy instructions to print, iron on, transfer, etc., these would be quite boring.  I do admit that I don't understand what they all mean (the French quotes) but I do like them and like the way they have all turned out.  I am showing them on the bench I had painted with Miss Mustard Seeds tricycle red - I love it, it is such a happy color when applied over a white base - 

This rooster one is my favorite!  If it sells, I will probably make one for myself -- after all these pillows, the burlap has grown on me!! HA!  Can you believe it?????
This one had beautiful edges so I though it might look cool just tying jute around it like a sack - I like it.

This looks very lumpy!! But out of them all is the softest.  I used scraps of drop cloth and a trial print out of the graphic -- I think I actually put this right thru the printer -just as is, no freezer paper - Amazed the machine did not jam!!

I still have a few more burlap items to show but will do that on another post.  

Best Wishes to all for a wonderful thanksgiving and as I have on my frig:  God's word for today is:
Think of 3 (or more) things you are thankful for - and if they involve people, tell them!!

We are going to my neices' and are so looking forward to it!   I am bringing the Yam and Apple Casserole that I made in that recipe swap (I don't know how to cyberlink yet so I cannot say, press here, sorry!! you'll just have to look for the recipe in my side bar.)  And a greenbean casserole!  EASY!  especially because I will be walking in with 8 others in toe.....   Yikes!  

Until next time.............Trisha

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