Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The front porch

Hello!  Life is just whizzing by - my aunt says "the days drag on but the weeks fly by!"  I have to agree.  I am used to being busier than a one armed paper hanger but this past week has been slow and to be honest, boring!  I don't want to bake cause I'll eat it, I love to cook but out of the 6 kids, we are lucky if one is home for dinner, I can't thrift shop cause I have so much stuff already and I don't have a place to sell my wares.  I could take some of that stuff out of the attic/shed and refurbish but again, I need drive.  I need a place to sell it, give it, donate it, sell it, sell it, sell it.   Back in 2006 I was selling like crazy but crafting has gone by the wayside in our area - It's easy to find a place to sell junk, but not up cycled junk.  I'm sure when I get my "place" my inspiration will return.  
Below are pictures of our front porch.  We originally had two chairs, the love seat and coffee table.  I was in Home Goods a few weeks back and saw these cushions and thought, WOW!  I am going to paint the chairs bright yellow on the front porch!  So I did.  Then I saw this awesome unusual wicker set (which I will show later) painted in lime green.   I had to have it - no place to put it and it needs cover - but I had to have it.  Anyone know that feeling?   Well, I picked up the set on the Wednesday before Easter and it sits on our back patio.  When everyone was coming for Easter I needed the space in our kitchen to create our large table so we took the wrought iron set and placed the sofa on the front porch, along with the yellow wicker chairs, and that is where it has stayed.  The two other chairs are back in the kitchen.  

While out gallivanting with my sister in Lancaster a  LONG TIME AGO.  I saw this grapevine twisted around an old ladder and Christmas garland and ornaments hanging from it.   I stole that idea and made it my own - We had grapevine growing outback so Tom kept cutting it until I got the look I wanted (that was about 12 years ago) - then I hung white lights throughout and hung rusty ornaments ie: bells and stars. And birdhouses!  Believe it or not, we have tenants in all our houses!  We have 4 hanging on the porch and have about 7 or 8 in the back yard - all full!!!!!!  

Many moons ago, we trash picked this wrought iron sofa and 2 chairs - I made the cushions/covers - Because they were in our kitchen/sunny room - they faded out - its time to make new ones.

 Well, that's all I got!!!!!!

                                                     Until next time, I hope all you mothers enjoy your day on Sunday!!


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From My Front Porch To Yours- treasure Hunt Thursday

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What a cute little box!

Hello out there - I have not been into blogging much lately -I think cause life is for the living and I am certainly living it!!  Stop the world, I want to get off!!  As the Spring season slowly comes upon us, I want to start featuring my sister's house.  As I have said in previous posts, she lives in a log cabin and it is simply gorgeous, both inside and out.  Currently they are working on replacing the floor in the first floor bathroom with ceramic tile wood planks - I didn't even know they made such things, but it is looking wonderful and so real.  Her husband has a workshop in the basement where he creates lots of stuff - below is something I thought was cool.  I was looking for the microwave and did not even think to look here because I thought it was drawers!


Isn't it cool?  On the opposite wall is the sink and whatnot - the coffee pot is in a similar cabinet - I took a picture of it - the phantom must have deleted it from my camera.  

As I take you through out the house, you will see what a wonderful decorator she is - the above picture almost looks like dollhouse furniture, doesn't it?!  

Well, I'm really gropping at straws for something to say so, 

That's all for now, thank you for clicking on!!


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Pier One Trash to Treasure

  Hello!  While out in my sister's neck of the woods, she took me to thrift stores I hadn't been to in a while and one I had never been to.  Below is a picture of the Pier One chair I picked up for $10!!  Mind you, I had big plans for this - I am pleased with how it turned out and you can actually sit on it and not fall on your condenser!!  

  I had started to prime the legs when I realized I had not taken a before picture - notice the beat up arms.  I thought I would make a cushion to match my living room curtains, it does, yay!!  But my first choice of fabric was a salmon color - I hesitated to do anything with it except just look at it on the now painted chair, wondering eww, something is just not right - My friend, Alan, came over and immediately said he would have gone for a green.  duh!!  So the next day I went to Joann Fabrics and picked up some green fabric, a new chair pad and cording.  I had scraps of fabric from a friends curtains I had made, which really went shabbily well with the curtains and fabric.  So below is making cording using the zipper foot - very easy.

Next, after sewing the cording you lay the fabric on top of the cushion and wrap and pin the cording to give it a nice custom fit.

then sew, again using your zipper foot.

I picked this up on the Valentine clearance at JoAnn's - it went very nicely with the whole look, I thought.

TaDa!  And here is the completed chair - I unfortunately did not take a picture of it the day I made it cause I needed a new battery for my camera - my son sat in it and now it has the lived in look.  I so admire other bloggers photography - everything always looks magazine quality - mine always looks like "happy hands at home!"  hence the name of the blog!  hahahaha

I still need to put a vanish on it - not going to wax -

That's all for now,

until next time,


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Potting Shed

Good Morning!  Beings that Spring is actually on the calendar but not in the air, I thought I would share an adorable potting shed my sister created.  Her intention at first was not a potting shed, from what I understand (I could be wrong), but beings that the first thought did not come about this fantastic idea did!!  Bit by bit I plan on showing her absolutely beautiful home and the contents in it.  As you can see in one of the pictures, she lives in a log cabin her husband and father-in-law built.  

Is this not the coolest place ever?!  Too bad you have to be a Polly Pocket to get inside!    She has a real potting shed that her husband built her in their garden - soooooo cooool!  I would love it just to hide from everyone!  Hopefully looking at these pictures will bring a bit of sunshine in your lives, I know it does mine.

That's all for now....until next time,


PS:  Has anyone noticed I stopped adverstising?  The pop ups were becoming annoying and since I have only "made" about $10 since July, I didn't think it was a big deal.  Btw:  I don't even get the $$ til I hit $100 bucks!  That could take a lifetime!!!!! hahahahaha!

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