Thursday, February 6, 2014

Doll House Show and Tell #1

Welcome to my sister Louises' doll house part 1 !!!   I was going to pass this off as her farm house and at the end tell you that it was a dollhouse but my photography needs major improvement!!  

She was inspired a long time ago when she was a little girl shopping with our mom.  While my mom was paying for her purchase Louise was drooling at the doll house way up high - ever since that day about 50 years ago, she has always pined for her own.  She started out as many of us did in the 80's with a printers drawer - it was full of the neatest miniatures.  As time progressed, the printers drawers went out of style but she held on to all the miniatures and has been collecting ever since - She has a bag of stuff that doesn't go well in this house and will be used in another.  Louise bought this dollhouse at a yard sale and it needed   EVERYTHING!  She did a major overhaul - She has been working on this house like most of us work on our "real" homes!   It is the coolest thing ever and I always look forward to seeing what's new. 

  I am trying to get her to start a blog but in the meantime I am going to use her creativity to my advantage!!  

So here we have the dining room!!

Don't you just wonder who left their coffee on the dining room table!?  Just like real life!!

Notice the lit up chandelier!  When I was taking the pictures she said, "wait!,  I have to turn on the chandelier!"  It really does make a difference!

What is in that jelly cabinet?  Whoever was in there last forgot to close it!  

Just like these drawers!  See, even dolls are not always neat!!

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Louise doll house show and tell!  Please tune in next time for .............

Until then...........Trisha

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