Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's (been) Wedding Season!!!

Here we are already past the July 4th weekend!  My Nana always said "the summers almost over once the 4th of July comes!"   For most that is a sad thought, but for me, a happy one!   My favorite time of the year is when the weather is cool and a hoodie is required.  I am not a fan of hot humid sticky weather.   This topic brings us to the perfect time of year to celebrate a wedding!  My niece is getting married next weekend - Hot July :(   

When beginning this new business venture of Painted On A Whim, I began painting pillows that were seasonal - so the above pillow was created for Valentines Day.   However, this dear little couple kissing for the first time would also make a fantastic engagement gift!   

Then this rear end version of the Just Married car has been very popular in the social media world - so I tried my hand at painting it, thinking the wedding date would go on the license plate!  

My lifetime friend asked me to paint her two pillows for her son and his soon to be wife.  She wanted something a wee bit different than the car so....the above is what we came up with.  It seems to be a popular "newbie to the market" and one I hope to do more of.   The names of the bride and groom
 really give this pillow the pop it needs to make it one of a kind.

All these pillows and many more are available in my Etsy shop here.  

I hope you all enjoy  these hot steamy days of summer doing the things that help you to relax and unwind.

God Bless You!