Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello!  Today I'm going to share a mailbox I painted a few years back, my friend was selling real estate at the time and she wanted me to paint a mailbox as a gift for her clients -- with the help of Ros Stallcup and her decorative painting book, this is what I created.

Hopefully the new homeowners enjoy getting bills in this new box!!   

If you have been reading my posts for the past week (its been one week since I became a blogger!) you will know that I have a backround in decorative painting.  I have sort of put down my decorative brushes to tackle a new type of painting - O I L S!!   I don't know if any of you paint with oils but I have to say what a challenge!  Just learning to mix your own colors and paint what you see, not what you traced!  It is right up there in the challenge department with learning to blog and navigate your way around the whole system.   Both, I really enjoy for the challenge and the sense of  "WOW", I did that!    I have been oil painting for about 2 and a half years now on Wednesdays at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford.  We paint every Wednesday morning from 10-1 ~ It is so challenging that when I come home sometimes my brain is fried~!!  Completely different than acrylics and decorative painting.  Anyway, I am linking up to the party @ I Gotta Create - So, stop over to see what everyone else is creating!

Thanks for dropping in and until next time, have a wonderful weekend!!


PS:  Sorry my picture quality in all my posts stinks!  No excuses!! hahaha!