Monday, January 27, 2014

Part II of "Oh No, What did I do?"

Good morning one an all!  I thank those who gave me feed back on the breakfront!  I painted the breakfront on Thursday afternoon as you can see here.  Well, after painting, or should I say during the process, I was really panicing and thinking "Oh No" I have ruined this beautiful piece of furniture....ooops!

Well, I decided to fill it with the milk glass I have and some other items that I thought might look good in it and here it is:

 I need to pick up some bigger plates cause these little ones were really meant for a mosaic project I want to undertake one of these days - plus you cannot really see them in here.  I love the antique pink martini glasses I received when I rec'd the breakfront!

 Above it is topped with some stuff around the house.  And below it is topless - I kinda like it with the stuff on top.

Well, this whole piece has grown on me in the past few days and has really brightend up our living room - I am definitely adding another coat of MMS linen to the outside then I think I will forgo the waxing and use Jo Sonya's clear acrylic varnish -- it doesn't yellow and is just an all around wonderful product.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I have tried them all and this really wears the best!    So there you have it and that's all for now. I hope you all enjoy your day and remember with God you can do all things!!!!

Until next time.......Trisha

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh No, What did I do?!

Well, I did it this time!   I have been eyeballing this breakfront for the past couple of years wanting to paint it.

Can see the wavy glass?

Well, this came into my house about 16 years ago when my parents were downsizing and my mom wanted me to have it (complete with the contents that she aranged!)  Back in the 90's I really liked this and my house was mauve walls, Queen Anne furniture, wedgewood blue sofa and love seat, etc.   This really looked good then.  But, times have changed and so have my tastes in furntiture.  I still admire the formal look but with 6 kids and 2 dogs and living in Grand Central Station, the formal look had its day and a more relaxed atmosphere was the feel I was going for.  I always want people to feel welcome at our house.  I don't want them to take off their shoes (their socks will become black) and if they spill something, I'll clean it up.  That is what a having a large family is about - you get used to living in a lived in house (sorta).  As much as I pine for the day when it will just be me and Tom again, I know when that happens we will be  in the winter of our lives - right now I'd like to think we are still in the late summer early fall!!

Well, the snow and weather have brought about Nasty Girl and no one, especially me, likes her.  So, yesterday I decided to finally paint this breakfront using MMS linen.  

Look how much came off!
it looks like I'm trying to scrape the paint to refinish it!!
Well, I did it - This is the first coat dried and sanded - OH NO!  I can hear my mother calling down from heaven, "Cripes Patricia, are you going to paint that?  Oh, you did?"  "Oh", "are you going to leave it that way?"
"I'm not sure, mom."   "Oh"

So I decide to try MMS Eulalie's Sky on the inside behind the glass doors.

and give the outside another coat of linen
 In my past experience with MMSMP - it never chipped - it did this time!!
This is blue however, it looks green, but I wanted you to see the 1st application of blue over the linen and how much the linen originally chipped.

So here you have it - a piece that looks like it needs some TLC!  I like they way this looks but not for me.  What do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from someone!  Would you go ahead and repaint with chalk paint or leave it alone?  I am going to be filling the cabinet with red transferware and milk glass.

Until next time.....Trisha

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A quote from Joyce Meyer

Good day one and all, I hope all on the east coast are enjoying this beautiful snow storm!  I have a lot on my to do list but with everyone home from school and work it makes painting large items impossible and getting started on others, very difficult.   I start each day with a cup of coffee and Joyce Meyer @ Joyce Meyer Ministries - if you haven't heard of her yet, I suggest you google her and tune in - she is a POWER HOUSE!!!!  A real person with real problems solved in real ways with nothing else but the power of GOD!  She's funny and does not sugar coat!  My kind of person!!  I also read one of her many daily devotionals - this one struck me and I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her - This is from the Confident Woman devotional:

You shall not covet your neighbor's house, your neighbor's wife, or his manservant, or his maidservant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor's.  EXODUS 20:17

"Other people can be examples to us but should never be our standard or a reason for us to covet who they are.  The Bible says in  Romans 8:29 that we are destined to be molded into the image of Jesus Christ and share inwardly His likeness.  Another Scripture says that we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).  We can think, speak, and learn to behave as Jesus did, and He certainly did not ever compare Himself with anyone or desire to be anything other than what His Father had made Him to be.  He lived to do the Father's will, not to compete with others and compare Himself with them."

"I encourage you to be content with who you are.  That does not mean that you cannot make progress and continually improve, but when you allow other people to become a law (rule or regulation), you are continually disappointed.  God will never help you be someone else.  Remember that being "different" is good; it is not a bad thing.  Celebrate your uniqueness and rejoice in the future God has planned for you.  Be confident and start enjoying you!"


"Lord, the world continually tries to conform me to be like everyone else.  I thank You for making me different.  Help me to be content with who I am.  Amen."..................Joyce Meyer

I hope I don't get in trouble for quoting this from the devotional but I think it is so beautiful - we all compare ourselves to each other - whether we admit it or not.  Let's make a pact that we will appreciate all God has made in us and through us because HE DOESN'T MAKE JUNK!!  

I strongly encourage you to look her up - you won't be disappointed - and no, I am not getting paid!!

               That's all for now, until next time.....Trisha

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Philly Cheese Steak Show and Tell

How to make a homemade Philly cheese steak:
 (the right way!!!!!!! - taught to me by my old friends father, Tony Fabrizio of South Philly)

slice your onions

purchase high quality chip steak, if you live in the Delaware valley area, you must go to Roy Tweedy's butcher shop on Mac Dade Blvd, Ridley.  They have the leanest most beautiful chip steak ever - but you must go early in the day cause they sell out early.  Sometimes they have it frozen, if they do, get it for future endeavors!!

chop or slice it in slivers

add oil to your pan and salte' onions with a dash of salt then after golden  - remove from pan

add chip steak to "dirty" pan and cook on medium high heat using a spatula of some sort to constantly chop the meat and toss it to evenly cook it - it should only take a few minutes - but the key to a good cheese steak is having the meat CHOPPED.

The next secret in a good cheese steak is the roll!  It is all about the roll!  It must be crispy with sesame seeds on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside - MUST!  
next step is to hollow out the top portion of the roll (if you are watching your calories!) and add the Cheez Whiz - cause when you are in South Philly they ask you  "Cheez wit"  that means cheez wiz and fried onions.

this is a CHEEZ  WIT   (!)


This is Lukas, our German exchange student enjoying a CHEEZ WIT but he ruined it with ketchup.....NO NO!

these are my dear friends Bonnie (left) and Denise (right)
they are enjoying a CHEEZ WIT along with potato and leek soup that I made in the crock pot and Denise's
favorite martini!  (super sized!!)

 I hope you noticed that there weren't any peppers on these - I'm not saying people don't do it but - I have never seen it done - only on tv when people are trying to make their own Philly cheese steak.

Well, happy Sunday to ya!  maybe you would like to add this wonderfully delectable treat to your game day feast in just 2 weeks!  I make them ahead of time and wrap them in foil and keep them warm in a low oven so all the cheez melts - YUM YUM!!!!

That is all I have for now..until next time............Trisha

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