Monday, August 12, 2013

MMS Luckett's Green Armoire

Good Morning All ( hopefully there is more than me reading this!!!!)   Today I am going to link to the 21/%E2%80%9C party and hope you will check it out!  This armoire was a real deal, a local craft store was closing shop and I had been consigning there, she offered me this for a price I could not refuse - I had always wanted one, had no use for it (like all the other "junk" I have), but never the less, it came home.  It was dark brown - not my favorite.  Before chalk paint was in vogue, I painted this off white with the intention of doing some decorative painting on it - never happened.  Then a few weeks ago, before blogging, I had discovered MMS paint.  I tried the Luckett's Green and really liked it.  It did not chip, bubble, crinkle, peel, etc.  It just went on in a variety of tones of green, blue, ochre.  I don't know if the picture does it justice - After painting it I then sealed it with AS clear wax - I still might accent it with some decorative painting -

I lightly sanded these edges  to add some scruffiness to it

Maybe I'm doing something wrong when I mix - too thin?  But whenever I get to the bottom of the cup of paint, I always end up with all different shades of ochre, the beginning is always blue hues.  Does anyone have any ideas on why this always happens?

Best wishes for a wonderful week!  Thanks so much for dropping over, until next time.......