Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Morning!  I have changed my blog name back to the original Happy Hands at Home DIY because that is truly me.  I thought it sounded corny and wanted to sound more sophisticated with the creative collaborative redo's - but the problem was, I'm not that way!!  I am who I am.   I am truly happy at home doing what I do best, creating!  This will be the last time I change it!  Besides, when someone would ask me the name of the blog I couldn't remember exactly!!!!!!  My sister-in-law's mother used to call herself happy hands at home and I thought that was both funny and appropriate so I asked her years ago if I ever started a business, could I use that name, she said yes!!  Thanks Kitty!!

It is a beautiful day here in the Philadelphia area, cool and 66 degrees!  I hope that you enjoy your day and until next time........thanks for listening/reading!