Saturday, November 9, 2013

All Things Christmas Link Party


I have overextended myself once again and said yes to a local craft fair.  The last craft fair I did was in 2006 when I was painting glass and galvanized metal.  I am in a panic!  It isn't until Dec. 14, but, I don't have a single thing to sell!   I have a few ideas and picked up some burlap (I am not a fan) to sew/create some quick sale stuff.  I have learned during the c.f. process, if you want to make any money you need to have most things priced under $20 - Everyone wants to buy something when they attend these things but they don't want to break the bank.  It seems $20 and under is the golden price - then I'll have other things like chairs and furniture priced higher - we'll see if the 7 years away  from the scene has changed things.    I have asked a few others to contribute to the table to ease my stress!  However, the coldsore on my nose says that  that hasn't worked!!

On to other commitments........I was shocked beyond all get out to have been invited to be a co-hostess in the "All things Christmas Link Party" beginning November 18!!!!!!!!  YAY!  I am really excited to be joining these other girls in the new venture!!  This is my very first hosting of a link party so Cara from Craftdictator has promised to walk me through it!!   So I would like to invite all of you out there in TV Land to join in this wonderful adventure!  Please feel free to spread the word to all your blogging friends!  

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Best wishes for a wonderful rest of the weekend..........and thank you so much for popping in to read my post !   

                              Until next time...................................Trisha