Friday, October 18, 2013

Dogs... :(

Remember I showed you pictures the other day of some of the decorating we do with a house full of kids and dogs?  Nothing over the top - just the same old same old pulled out year after year and perhaps arranged differently each time.  Well, here is the dog gate my husband built to keep the dogs down stairs because they had taken over our house, literally.  I had every intention of painting it but they started to chew and claw at it trying to get upstairs.  

Isn't this a cute little gate?  Yes, the wreath is a bit ascew, but never the less, we liked it.

Well, when I got home yesterday after being out a few hours, the dogs were in the living room - just so happy to see me.  Hmmmmm, how did they get past the gate?  I put a rubberband on the latch so they could not claw and push it open, hmmmmmmmmmm.     O.M.Gosh!!!!! (and not in a good way) 

Let sleeping dogs lie
Meet Shadow, our SPCA mut -- 
What have they done?

 Meet Droopydog, aww isn't he cute sleeping?  

Well, I know we have a lot of dog lovers out there in the world, but I am not one of them.  I understand I am offending people by saying that, but, I like P E O P L E   A N D   B A B I E S!!!!!!   Why, then do you ask, did we get not only one but two dogs?   Well, Mark, my 3rd son, 8 years ago said he wanted a dog.  I said "No Way" I have enough to do with six kids, I am not getting a dog.  He pouted for a few weeks, months, etc.   So January comes and I (not Tom) had the idea to get a dog......Tom, let's go to the SPCA and see if they have any dogs/puppies - I feel so bad for Mark.....OK, he says but we are not making any rash decisions,    OH, I know, I tell him.     We came home with a puppy and named him Shadow  (Mark said, Oh, I don't want one anymore!).    I wanted to blow both my brains and Shadows' out for the first two years.  Because everyone who wanted the dog was at school....sound familiar?

Then Patrick gets a job at a pet store and poor little Droopydog was 5 months old and no one wanted to buy him cause he was getting too big......Mom, Patrick says, "Come to We love Pets, you have to see this cute dog.......Oh Patchie, he is sooo cute!  Look how his ears swim in the waterbowl!  And they drag on the ground, they are so big!!!!  He says, Mom, Mike (the owner) will make me a really good deal, can I get him?   I will take care of him, pay for everything, please?   Another weak moment.........Awwww he is cute,  ..........  ok - but remember you made a deal - you are going to take care of him cause I am too busy.   Sure thing Mom!!!!    Patrick is off at WCU and Droopydog isn't allowed in the house he is renting........who didn't know that?!

I'll take kids over dogs anyday.  I guess that is why we took in Lukas, our German exchange student - he doesn't shed, smell, chew things and destroy our house.   Too bad he cannot take them home with him in February.

Thanks for letting me share and for popping in to hear the latest and greatest!!   Best wishes for a fabulous weekend!!

Until next time.............Trisha