Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall-in around here!

Haaaayyyyyy!!!    Today is really fall like around here - the sky is overcast and the air has a chill - I like it - I like the sun better mind you, but atleast it isn't raining!!  Life at 278 is status quo and I for one am thrilled!  With a house full of kids, dogs and drop-ins - that is a feat!!  After looking at my emails I have decided to snap a few pictures of a few fall/halloween decorations that we have around here - there is more, but, our home is just that, a home, so by the time I get the place in a picture perfect magazine like state, everyone will come marching through the door and it will have been all for naught!  So, like me, take it or leave it as they say!!  Because, afterall, this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!  Regardless what state of confussion you may be in!  Hahahahaha!!

Welcome to the Flaherty's!!  

We were looking for a dog gate that we could go through without breaking our necks on the way to the downstairs, to no avail, so Tom built this!!  I was going to blog separately about it but the dogs chewed  two posts/spindles on the other for the season I placed a wreath I bought a Walmart last year on it and taadaa!  Instant Sanford and Son!!!!   But, we like it!

And here we have the first halloween bags my boys owned!  My neighbors' mom made these for the boys, now 23, 22, and 21!!! and she has since gone on to glory - but the bags are still part of our halloween tradition.
The curtain and shade I made a couple of years ago - the shade is just a regular shade that I put doublesided industrial tape on (about 4" wide strips) all the way across the layed the fabric on top and hoped for the best!  They are kind of crinkely, but that adds to the charm.

and last but not least, the scarecrows!  I also have in the backround the pumpkin patch the kids made in nursery school - Droopy, our basset hound, ate a couple of them  :(  
I would do a close up of that but I cannot stand that wall - as I said before, it is in limbo.......

Well, I have been on the computer far to long today and must do something productive!  Laundry, ironing, thrifting, perhaps?   The first two don't sound fun!

Until next time...........Trisha
thanks so much for popping in, I sincerely appreciate it!!   :)

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