Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bittersweet Farms visit

Hello out there in computer land!  Last week I started to tell you about the excursion my friend, Denise, and I took.  I had mentioned the mosaic wall at Sweet Mabel's and the unique shop of Bunny Hare's.  Well today I am going to tell you about our last stop.....Bittersweet Farm.  Both stores had something special to offer and Bittersweet was no exception.....

here the Christmas tree is decked out for fall!  loved that!

When I saw this setup I wished I could do that at my house.    I asked Jane if I could take pictures and blog about her store, since  I cannot have the real deal at my house!  

This is the living room

This is in the dining room - the table setting was also very inspiring - Denise took I picture of it, I don't know why I didn't.

this beautiful breakfront is filled with brown transfer ware

The really cool thing about Bittersweet Farm is the fact that it is an old house transformed room by room into a store - I did not take pictures of the upstairs rooms - you'll just have to check it out yourself!  She sells furniture as well as all of  what you see.  My favorite thing in this place is the kitchen chandelier, which the picture did not do it justice so I deleted it.  The chandelier is made from a teapot and teacups - I    L O V E   IT!!!   The whole place makes you drool so bring plenty of tissues!!

Well, I stopped to write a quick post, must get back to cleaning my house, although in 3 hours, you would never know I did it!!!!!  (School is out)    Thanks for popping in and taking a peek at my post, I really appreciate it, and I sure Jane does too!   I'd love it you would follow me and I'll follow you back!!

                                                             Until next time...Trisha

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