Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bunny Hare's

Haaayyyy!  Yesterday I went scoping stores to sell my "wares".  No such luck but I was with a good friend and we keep talking about one day opening our own store, a sort of trash to treasure place mixed with all sorts of junk and artsy stuff - someday!   But we did hit a few really great places, the first is where I used to sell my "stuff" and she would purchase outright!!  No consigning - just $$!!!   Unfortunately, she grew with the times and since "crafting" isn't really in anymore, Anne Maries' store is still absolutely beautiful but more jewels and whatnot.  Her place is called Bunny Hares, located in Newtown Square, PA - below are some pictures of the things that I like, jewels are not my thing but this stuff is!
this is the back room where I first discovered Anne Marie's talent - she was just renting space at the time

then she bought the place

I am always drawn to these hand blown glass balls - You definitely need a lot to make a statement

everyone has the animal heads hanging in their homes, I personally like the whole body!

 And here is a halloween display - Anne Marie has a knack for unique things - you can find stuff in all price ranges - its the perfect place for any type of gift giving - Wow!  She isn't even paying me to say this!!  She is just a friendly, honest business owner whom I admire and I wanted to show off her place and hope that if you are in the area you will stop in at Bunny Hare's!

In the next few posts I will show a few other places we hit along our travels.

Until next time.............thank you so much for popping in, Lord knows I truly appreciate it!!


I realize I am not a good photographer, in fact, I don't even stink yet!!