Wednesday, October 23, 2013

   10 Super foods............................

Hello, hello!   Last night Tom and I were watching Veria Living ( which is a fabulous channel geared toward  healthy living.  My favorite is the Dr. Holly show - she is a Naturopath (I hope I spelled that right, spell check does not recognize it) doctor.  I have learned a lot about different herbs and spices.  I have even learned that oregano extract is a cureall for infections and what not - I made my own with the oregano we grow out back and good vodka - when we have our neighborhood schnitzel nights sometime everyone takes a sip!!!!  It isn't very appealling - looks or taste!!

just add vodka and fresh oregano to an airtight jar - let it steep for a few days/weeks....strain the vodka out of the jar - discarding the oregano - pour back into an airtight container - and bingo - done!

But on to the super foods...........................

60% cacao
Hot Peppers

To find out all the valuable properties either google or go to Veria Living -   We were glad to know we eat all the foods on the list but there is one item missing......where are the 


Well that is all for today.....hope this has inspired you to eat healthy and live a long beautiful life!!  and look forward to the Halloween candy coming in shortly!!!!! yay!!  My only problem is I only have one kid going out this year and she is aware of what is in her bag and how much  :(   !

Best wishes for a wonderful evening and thank you so much for popping in!  I sincerely appreciate it!   

                                                       Until next time........Trisha

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