Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey everyone!!  Today was the first day of school for our kiddies - They are not kiddies anymore - our youngest is in 8th grade !! Where does the time go?  
Yesterday, I got a lesson in scanning photographs onto the computer - unfortunately they scan at the pictures original size - so I cannot write in the big white squares surrounding the pictures.

When I first learned how to decorative paint, I was pregnant with #4 - during nap time (when I wasn't sleeping myself) I painted -   My mom gave me this antique youth chair - it was brown - not stained brown - painted brown - I gave it an overhaul with the help of Maxine Thomas' decorative painting books and here it is - It is now 17 years old in our house and the arm is broken and nailed back together and sits in the attic awaiting our first grandchild!!  (Not in the too near future, I hope!!)

If everyone doesn't mind the quality of the pictures I will show more in upcoming posts - Until then.....

Thanks for viewing this!