Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good Morning one and all!  Today is our 24th wedding anniversary!!  My wonderful husband is upstairs preparing a delicious brunch!!  We are having creme burlee french toast!!  He prepared it yesterday and it has to soak overnight and now it is in the oven.  He also made scrapple, bacon and champagne coolies (if you are a Seinfeld fan you will know what these are!!)  He is so sweet!  So I am able to sit here and blog while he and the kids (and Lukas our German excange student) prepare for the feast!!

Beings that summer is at a close, I thought I would show this galanized tub I painted for a girl who just bought a home at the shore and wanted a place to hold the beer and wine during parties - this, with the inspiration of Ros Stallcup, is what I came up with.  I also painted it on a watering can.  

Sorry for the small picture - it is another scanned one - I'm slowly getting it!  I now know how to make it fit the whole thumbnail when I join a party!!  Blogging is a challenge, but I enjoy it and feel so proud when I accomplish something!!  
I hope this puts you all back in the beachy frame of mind - I personally don't like the summer but I enjoy looking/being at the beach.

Best wishes for a fabulous day - Until next time.........Trisha

Joinging the party @:  Life on Lakeshore Drive