Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello out there - I am sitting here waiting for the repairman for our 2 year old GE refrig - our last one was from Sears scratch and dent store and it lasted 22 years with NO REPAIRS!!  We spent 3x the amount on this one and it already has issues - the same thing happened to our washer - We had our Magtag for 20 years without any problems (the commercial is so true!) - then one day it just stopped.  :(   We bought a GE for a ton of money - it lasted 3 years - the belt broke and it would have cost us more to repair it then to purchase another (????)  we purchased a new one.  We have been using our new beltless GE profile - so far so good.  Why you ask do we keep buying GE?   Good question!   The frig guy is going to charge $99 just for coming out - parts and labor are extra........

Well, onto a new subject....our 3rd child turned 21 today - CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!  I keep asking, where has the time gone?   I only feel like 29!  I'll be 49 in a couple of days!!  While I was in my mid forties, I was doing a whole lot of decorative painting - I only have old pictures that I have scanned to the computer - so the size of them is quite small - I hope you can see them - I was doing a lot of commission work - then one day I just stopped - I think with motherhood, you have to constantly turn it on and off (creative energy).  It would take so long to turn off then 3x the amout of time to get my groove back on!   I tried oil painting for a few years and really liked that, it is very challenging.  I have decided not to go this semester because something inside me (the Hold Spirit?) is telling me to take this time off, so I am.   But instead of blogging, I should be painting something so......

beings that I have been posting about the chairs I have done, I have a few more to show.. I hope you can see it!

This same design has been painted on a number of items - compliments of Jamie Mills-Price and her decorative painting books!

Thanks for reading my rambling!!!  Until next time............Trisha
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