Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello!  Yesterday was my 49th birthday......W O W !!  I keep asking myself where does the time go?  My Aunt Louise always said "the days drag on but the weeks fly by!"   She has been saying that since I started having kids and marveling at how every year I seemed to have another baby and how fast life seemed to be going by.   After I finally got out of the diaper phase, I began decorative painting for pocket change - Below is a picture of a metal lawn chair a lady brought me and wanted me to jazz it up.  I had already painted a few chairs and what not for her.  This was a matching set -  

It is all free hand - my favorite kind of painting - She later dropped another off and it is still here - I'll have to do something with that one soon, my husband almost put it out in bulk pickup a few weeks back - I grabbed it and said, N O O O O !  I'm going to paint that!  He just looked at me like "yeah right, its only been sitting back here for 5 plus years!    Some day!    I need a place to sell this stuff after I recreate it.  I used to have a few places locally - One closed, the other switched to mostly jewels and such.  I'll keep looking and in the meantime will continue to collect/redo!    

Until next time.................Trisha