Friday, September 6, 2013

Day ? of the painted chairs!!

Good afternoon one and all.............another beautiful day  with cool air and blue skies, love it!!  I actually need a sweatshirt and have my clogs on!!  Yay!  Now this is my kind of weather.

The weekend is here and everyone will be home  :) or :(  not sure which yet!!  I have to say, I like my own company, hahahaha!  I was able to go a few steps further in "reupholstering" a chair I had picked up and thought, wow $15!, now I can practice upholstering - let's just say, Thank GOD I did not pay a whole lot for the fabric or trim.   I am using a regular wood stapler and tack hammer - it isn't as easy as I thought!  I'll show pictures (decent ones this time) of the progression in an upcoming post.  Now on to the chairs of the past:  {Sorry, another scanned pictue  :(   }

A while back when crafts and beanie babies were all the rage, the owner of the Speckled Hen, a local shop in my town, gave me this chair.   I was in the groove of painting chairs - I couldn't pick them off the curbs fast enough!  So I tried this design and was pretty pleased beings I hadn't really done such "wild" colors yet - it was still the mauve and blue days!!    Now, these colors are in!  hahahaha!  I wonder who bought it and if they still have it......hmmmmmmmm

Well, off to pick up our exchange student from soccer~ Until next time, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and the weather stays beautiful.   


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