Thursday, March 27, 2014

George Washington Slipcover

Hello Everyone, if there is still anyone out there reading this!  It has been quite a while since I not only felt inspired to blog but that I felt I had anything "blog worthy" to post.  I often wonder, and I have mentioned this in previous posts, why do I blog?  I know that I like to showoff things that I have accomplished that I am amazed that I have done.  But what is the real purpose, especially when I enter link parties, there is no prize, just an acknowledgement from whomever voted me "best of show" - as of yet I haven't been!!! Hahahaha that doesn't say too much about my posts and accomplishments, or does it?  We are all taught from a very early age not to look to the outside for acceptance and importance.  God has gifted all of us with special talents, I would like to think mine is in my hands cause I know it isn't in academics!!  Beauty is only skin deep, although I do strive to look my best by putting my face on everyday along with perfume.  I do that  for me - I feel better when I do that.  It doesn't matter what kind of car we drive, our address, the size home we live in, the amount of stuff we have., etc., etc.   God made each of us special and He gave us the gift of life and special talents to go along with it, it is up to us to figure out what these gifts are.  After doing so, what we do with these gifts is our gift back to God.   So even though I have never "won" any link party's, I know whatever I have entered I have done to the best of my ability and most times taught myself (including the whole computer thing).  What really matters is how I feel about myself and what I have accomplished.  Being a mother of 6 kids is not easy - especially when I've been home for the past 24 years.  I need to always remember to praise and thank God for all the gifts He has given me cause I will always pick my life over someone else's, always.   So, I praise and thank God for the courage to attempt this and the ability to just do it out of my head.   So on to the show:

I trash picked this chair from my neighbor's bulk pick up a few years ago, you can see it Here
I didn't think it looked so ugly until it was in the living room and I have begun to slowly transform the room, once again.   My mother, back in the day, made all the slipcovers for our living room.  She just winged it and they looked beautiful - I took that gumption and belief that if she could do it on a whim then so could I.  I have made custom cushion covers for my kitchen furniture and for my patio furniture so I thought I could do this too!  I picked up a twin sized George Washington bedspread at the local thrift store for $4.  My intention was to walk you step by step thru this learning process but the battery in my camera needs to be instead you have the end result.

 I am very proud of myself and cannot believe how well it turned out (not to sound full of myself, just proud that I was able to use God's gifts wisely!!)

I have not sewn on the bottom fringe because after I got it on to do the final adjustments and pinning of the fringe, I needed to move on to Shannon's prom dress hemming - For some reason I along with my kids think I can do anything and everything !  Thanks God!!

I remember my mom telling me when I did my first set of custom cushions to work inside out, so that is what I did - I did have to piece the underneath the cushion part as well as the bottom of the actual cushion cover and band around the cushion.  I used jute twine for the cording because that is what I had and didn't feel like going out.    The ironic part of all this is I did the bulk of it on the anniversary of my mom's death and know that she was helping me in the thinking process and I know she thinks I did a good job too!!  She always was my biggest cheerleader!!

Yesterday I was out to visit my dad and sister and took pictures of her (Louise's) place - I really do believe it should be in a magazine - my photography will not do the place justice....AT ALL!   So stay tuned for the log cabin................that is all for now............

Thanks so much for reading my post as I am once again on my soapbox!!


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