Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh No, What did I do?!

Well, I did it this time!   I have been eyeballing this breakfront for the past couple of years wanting to paint it.

Can see the wavy glass?

Well, this came into my house about 16 years ago when my parents were downsizing and my mom wanted me to have it (complete with the contents that she aranged!)  Back in the 90's I really liked this and my house was mauve walls, Queen Anne furniture, wedgewood blue sofa and love seat, etc.   This really looked good then.  But, times have changed and so have my tastes in furntiture.  I still admire the formal look but with 6 kids and 2 dogs and living in Grand Central Station, the formal look had its day and a more relaxed atmosphere was the feel I was going for.  I always want people to feel welcome at our house.  I don't want them to take off their shoes (their socks will become black) and if they spill something, I'll clean it up.  That is what a having a large family is about - you get used to living in a lived in house (sorta).  As much as I pine for the day when it will just be me and Tom again, I know when that happens we will be  in the winter of our lives - right now I'd like to think we are still in the late summer early fall!!

Well, the snow and weather have brought about Nasty Girl and no one, especially me, likes her.  So, yesterday I decided to finally paint this breakfront using MMS linen.  

Look how much came off!
it looks like I'm trying to scrape the paint to refinish it!!
Well, I did it - This is the first coat dried and sanded - OH NO!  I can hear my mother calling down from heaven, "Cripes Patricia, are you going to paint that?  Oh, you did?"  "Oh", "are you going to leave it that way?"
"I'm not sure, mom."   "Oh"

So I decide to try MMS Eulalie's Sky on the inside behind the glass doors.

and give the outside another coat of linen
 In my past experience with MMSMP - it never chipped - it did this time!!
This is blue however, it looks green, but I wanted you to see the 1st application of blue over the linen and how much the linen originally chipped.

So here you have it - a piece that looks like it needs some TLC!  I like they way this looks but not for me.  What do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from someone!  Would you go ahead and repaint with chalk paint or leave it alone?  I am going to be filling the cabinet with red transferware and milk glass.

Until next time.....Trisha