Sunday, January 19, 2014

Philly Cheese Steak Show and Tell

How to make a homemade Philly cheese steak:
 (the right way!!!!!!! - taught to me by my old friends father, Tony Fabrizio of South Philly)

slice your onions

purchase high quality chip steak, if you live in the Delaware valley area, you must go to Roy Tweedy's butcher shop on Mac Dade Blvd, Ridley.  They have the leanest most beautiful chip steak ever - but you must go early in the day cause they sell out early.  Sometimes they have it frozen, if they do, get it for future endeavors!!

chop or slice it in slivers

add oil to your pan and salte' onions with a dash of salt then after golden  - remove from pan

add chip steak to "dirty" pan and cook on medium high heat using a spatula of some sort to constantly chop the meat and toss it to evenly cook it - it should only take a few minutes - but the key to a good cheese steak is having the meat CHOPPED.

The next secret in a good cheese steak is the roll!  It is all about the roll!  It must be crispy with sesame seeds on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside - MUST!  
next step is to hollow out the top portion of the roll (if you are watching your calories!) and add the Cheez Whiz - cause when you are in South Philly they ask you  "Cheez wit"  that means cheez wiz and fried onions.

this is a CHEEZ  WIT   (!)


This is Lukas, our German exchange student enjoying a CHEEZ WIT but he ruined it with ketchup.....NO NO!

these are my dear friends Bonnie (left) and Denise (right)
they are enjoying a CHEEZ WIT along with potato and leek soup that I made in the crock pot and Denise's
favorite martini!  (super sized!!)

 I hope you noticed that there weren't any peppers on these - I'm not saying people don't do it but - I have never seen it done - only on tv when people are trying to make their own Philly cheese steak.

Well, happy Sunday to ya!  maybe you would like to add this wonderfully delectable treat to your game day feast in just 2 weeks!  I make them ahead of time and wrap them in foil and keep them warm in a low oven so all the cheez melts - YUM YUM!!!!

That is all I have for now..until next time............Trisha

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