Monday, April 7, 2014

Pier One Trash to Treasure

  Hello!  While out in my sister's neck of the woods, she took me to thrift stores I hadn't been to in a while and one I had never been to.  Below is a picture of the Pier One chair I picked up for $10!!  Mind you, I had big plans for this - I am pleased with how it turned out and you can actually sit on it and not fall on your condenser!!  

  I had started to prime the legs when I realized I had not taken a before picture - notice the beat up arms.  I thought I would make a cushion to match my living room curtains, it does, yay!!  But my first choice of fabric was a salmon color - I hesitated to do anything with it except just look at it on the now painted chair, wondering eww, something is just not right - My friend, Alan, came over and immediately said he would have gone for a green.  duh!!  So the next day I went to Joann Fabrics and picked up some green fabric, a new chair pad and cording.  I had scraps of fabric from a friends curtains I had made, which really went shabbily well with the curtains and fabric.  So below is making cording using the zipper foot - very easy.

Next, after sewing the cording you lay the fabric on top of the cushion and wrap and pin the cording to give it a nice custom fit.

then sew, again using your zipper foot.

I picked this up on the Valentine clearance at JoAnn's - it went very nicely with the whole look, I thought.

TaDa!  And here is the completed chair - I unfortunately did not take a picture of it the day I made it cause I needed a new battery for my camera - my son sat in it and now it has the lived in look.  I so admire other bloggers photography - everything always looks magazine quality - mine always looks like "happy hands at home!"  hence the name of the blog!  hahahaha

I still need to put a vanish on it - not going to wax -

That's all for now,

until next time,


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