Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stained Glass and Miss Mustard Seed painted bench

faux stained glass window

This is a Donna Dewberry pattern that I traced onto a piece of plexi-glass.  After tracing on the picture with faux lead, I let it dry -- it looked like a page out of a coloring book.  When drawing on the lead, be careful not to have "peaks" with the paint - it needs to be put on smooth and when completed, bring the paint back towards the line you drew.  Once the outlining is complete and dry (about 24hrs) fill in the spots where indicated on the pattern with appropriate "stained glass" paint - careful to follow directions of Donna.  Sorry I was not blogging at the time so I don't have pictures of the step by step.

Oak bench painted with MMS tricyle red.

Another trash pick - I had originally painted this off white - like the dresser to the right.  I just discovered MMS paint and decided to give it a try in red.  It did not chip automatically, it just kind of took on an alligator like look in some spots.  I painted on two coats - making sure to let it dry in between - after it was dry, I lightly sanded down the roughness of the paint as well as other places to give it a worn look - then I waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax.