Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello everyone! (I hope there is someone reading this!)  My daughter Shannon, pictured with me, has created this blog for me today!!!!!   I have been talking about doing one cause I love looking at all the ones I subscribed to via email - I thought, wow! I can do that (with the help of my kids of course!)  I have been painting a sewing for all of my married life (24yrs).  I have a photo album of a lot of the decorative painted things so what you see now on this blog is different stuff that I did for me - not to sell.   My sister once said, why don't you decorate your own house instead of everyone elses?  This was definitely a new idea - I always felt obligated to sell whatever I did, why?  I have no idea!!  So hopefully I'll be able to post some before and after pictures (with Shannon's help, of course) in the near future.   Kids going back to school in September = more time to create!!  If you have read this, thank you and God Bless!!