Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring has sprung

Today is March 9th already!   Where does the time go?  It seems the older I get the faster the time flies.  It's frightening!!!  Our flowers started sprouting up by the end of February and our tree buds started bursting then as well!  Crazy!

 Today I have been finishing up an Easter pillow I will be selling in my etsy shop.

I am also thinking about a pastel monogram that could be not just for Easter, but for the whole Spring season.  We'll see.  The reason I painted this bird like an ordinary every day bird is because Jesus is the star of the show.  We are all ordinary to each other but only in Jesus' eyes to we become extraordinary.  With Him we become who He created us to be.  Without him, we are just ordinary like this bird.  Perhaps I will paint some that are more fancy, again, we will see.  

In my last post here, I mentioned my sisters from another mother.  I had coffee with them last Friday and one of them made a remark about when I was going to paint the shutters I have promised her????  I want to thank Lisa because I started on that project asap!  The front is Santa Claus and the reverse will be a witch.  This will give her more bang for her buck!!  Two holidays for the price of one!  So between this and wanting to begin another painting project (memory boxes for babies) I am pulling back a wee bit on the pillow making.  I finally found the right brushes to make painting these pillows easier!  Praise God!   I don't know how I ever managed to paint so many covers with such soft bristles!  

I don't know if anyone ever reads this, probably not because when I tried to find it to write a post, it said it had been deleted!  LOL!  With a bit of searching, I found it!   

Thank you to whoever is reading this and God Bless you!