Monday, February 17, 2014

Part 3 of the doll house!

So we meet again, thanks for clicking on my post!!  Today I am going to be featuring another room in the doll house.  If you missed the others you can find them here and here.  

 Here you can see that she installed a plank roof using tongue depressors, then painting it cottage white. 

 Gumballs in the bathroom!! That will get the kids to take a bath!!

 Above  you can see she printed her own wall paper and then hung it!  Just imagine, you could make your own paper and hang your whole house in one day!!!!  Wouldn't that be sensational?!?

I am so proud of how well she has been renovating this house - there are still many more rooms to show - I just have to schedule another photo shoot cause the pictures I have are blurry, even when I picmonkey them.  I haven't shown my favorite room yet, I'm going to keep you hanging!!

Until next time.....................Trisha

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