Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas Post!!

Good Evening One and All!  This year's Christmas celebration was wonderful!  My husband, God Bless his heart, did about 75% of the preparations.  I felt like a 1950-70's husband!!  I truly believed in Santa Claus this year!!  He did tons of shopping, practically all the wrapping and ALL the food prep for our Christmas Eve 7 fish dinner.  He is wonderful, and I am not a good sharer, just saying!!  We entertained his side of the family so we had about 20 or so - we were expecting 24....We (he) assembled a table to accommodate everyone - I am not a fan of a bunch of little tables all over the house.  I really like when everyone can sit around the same table.  He put together 3 pieces of plywood (side to side cause our regular table is 60" wide and when the plywood was end to end the other table stuck out)  Then after this monstrosity was erected I covered it with a 12 x 15 drop cloth!  To make it look like more of a table and less of a plywood/drop cloth arrangement I decided to try my "Martha" skills.  So here it is:

 If you have been with me for a few months, you'll remember I picked up these chandeliers on one of my thrifty Friday's!  I painted them with Annie Sloan's Olde White - then went over them with ASCP in French Grey -- they were good enough for the party but I am going to paint them again with ASCP in Olde Ochre.  They look too Cinderella like right now.  Tom, again God Bless him, took down the other chandy that I   L O V E   and the ceiling fan - hooked these two up and placed them where they are - next we (he) will make more holes to put hooks to hang them where they need to go when we aren't entertaining 24 at our table!!!!!!  

A good time was had by all!  Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with whomever makes you happy - if you didn't enjoy the company you were with.....I still recommend the book by Gary Chapman,  
Anger, A Powerful Emotion Handled in a Positive Way.  This way you are sure to enjoy the next family gathering!!!!!   It has changed me immensely!!

Peach and Joy to you during the rest of this Holy Season.

                Until next time...................thanks for tuning in!!


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