Monday, December 9, 2013

Paper Twist Star

Hello and Good Morning to you!  Because of the recent snow our kids go in 2 hours late so I am posting this early!!  Below is a paper twist star that I was planning on making and selling for the upcoming St. Pius craft fair on Saturday the 14th.  I made 6 but soon realized I needed to get cracking on the oil bottles.  I learned this beautiful technique from Gail @ Purple Hues and Me.  This lady is so creative, I am always amazed at all the ideas she has!  I made a whole batch in burlap to sell and when I found this bag of paper twist from 1990!!!!! in my "stuff" I thought I would try it with this - Not as neat and tidy as other media but I do like the end result, especially when hanging.

The link for her blog is below - Maybe you will have time to create some!  

                   Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time....Trisha

Purple Hues and Me

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