Friday, November 22, 2013

Burlap pillows

Hello to you, you kind soul, for clicking on my post!!  God Bless You!!!!   I have not been posting lately and feel very much out of the "loop"!  I have committed myself to be in a craft fair on December 14th -- without anything to put in it!!!!  I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger trying to come up with ideas that will be appealing and up to date in the craft world.  One of these ideas has been BURLAP!    If I am to be real honest with you, I have to admit I just do not get the whole burlap craze.  It is itchy, scratchy, smelly, sheddy/dusty,  etc., etc., etc.,   People are making all kinds of things out of it from slipcovers, curtains, table runners, placemats, GOD forbid if someone makes napkins!  So I have temporarily jumped on this wagon and made burlap pillows - I especially do not get it there!!  Obviously it is strictly for decoration!!  Anyway - that is one of the things I will be selling at the craft fair and here is a peek at them.
For this one I just sewed a strip and added fringed tassels to the four corners
My daughter said,  Mom, it looks like you just sewed a piece of fabric to it, are you just going to leave it  that way?  I said yes, rustic and burlap are all the rage - I know, I don't get it either!!

For these two pictures you can see I decided to fringe the edges.

And here they are again - I made more - added burlap flowers to some but don't like the way they turned out so I'm not showing you!!

Well, I hope all the people at the show don't have the same feelings I do toward burlap, cause in up coming posts I will be showing some other things I have made using it!!!  Things you won't need to rest your pretty little head on and come up with a rash!!!!!! hahahaha!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend - the last one before the Christmas madness begins -  It is a shame really, I remember decorating the tree on Christmas Eve - and the house a week before Christmas - not a week after Halloween!!!!!  What have we done to ourselves as a nation?  I don't like the fast lane and as a matter of fact I would like to turn in my gerbil wheel ASAP -- Anyone want it?  That is my give away!!!!!  hahahahahahaha
                                  Until next time.....Trisha