Thursday, January 29, 2015

Door mat wall art via Tricia

Well, it has been quite some time since my last post.....I even missed my "blogaversary"!  I had an email from Polly Zieper from Florida asking about my niece Tricia's door mat wall art - it came via Hometalk.  Well, I am a bit rusty in the blogging department and will try my best to get this to you Polly -   

Wow!  It only took me an hour to figure this out and to be honest I don't know how it happened!  It has been so long since I did this!!!!

Anyway, on to this project:

These are her words:  "It was very easy, spray painted boards black first, then taped off the edges for a border, and then laid the rubber mat down, spray painted with white.  The one I saw on line was with two different color stains, but I did black and white paint."  I asked if she had any pictures of "during"  but she does not recall any.  She did say the mat is out front covered in snow!!  

Well, Polly, I hope this answered your questions and cured your curiosity about what it looks like.  

Maybe this will get me started again in the blog world........?

Until next time..............


PS:  I may just enter a party or two!!